YIN-YANG and the cycle of life [4]

The positive side of the human body
Both men and women, each also has a yin and yang. Yang is the non-material side while yin is a composition of matter or bodies of flesh with all parts attached to it.

This flesh and blood being a body was base on amount material blend together with certain cause-reason, changed according by the rules of 5 elements in shift of space and time. everyone’s life in the world rely on the services of this blood-flesh vihicle.

This combination of yin body, has a longer phase in a cycle, and only  one cycle for a life. Yin body itself actually was static. (Not moving). Therefore, once a person holding a day of activity, the body needs a break. Before proceeding further activities.

Yang side is non-material, has shorter phase but more amount of cycle or high frequency. Yang hasn’t heavy of body, not like Yin body requires rest after activity. When a person activities during a day, the entire body work full until the evening, yin body must go into a resting state. But Yang is not rest. It has the freedom and the opportunity to move itself out of the body.

Most of the activities of this Yang side was recorded by the brain’s memory, which is memory in the form of “dream” in the morning after wake up.

Since the recordings in the brain that can read an incomplete fragment, intermittent, broken connection, fragmented, sometimes overlapping and irrelevant in a clips, as seen video clips that millions of pieces of torn, irregular hard rearranged. If all of its activities can be stored in the recording of HD (high definition) and neat, then people will be shocked to see its activities.

To explore the mysteries of the human activity in this segment, there are some methods such as hypnosis, meditation, all of these efforts can not be separated from human intention in exposing the “closed”side which may be a reference for mysteries of life.
Side of a person’s hidden memory storing innumerable data, such a memory tremendous capacity. Far and billions of times difference with the capacity of the largest memory but smallest physical size hardware(flash dish USB) in the world today. If you can open this terrible memory, will the same open access to a segment of the “unknown” door. Which eventually will be revealed, get answer of riddle why and how people can come into the world.

tai-ji (2)

Yang Side”in human discussed above was depicted in a small white round circle within the black segments in half part of tai-ji, a small white round circle is derived from the white segment of the non-classified material. it moved to the segment yin (body) and stay. it had sufficient energy to drive the yin body. Therefore, the body is initially static and weight material, commanding by a small “yang“. When a person’s body is in a resting state, “small yang” can roam and cross the border back into space (white segment), blend in like waves in the ocean. But not long sustained, because its human body is still intact and can still be used, so that it will return again. the next morning after waking up,is there a yin body who realizes that “me”  slipped away last night, Leave the body alone quietly.

This situation is repeating throughout life, and such home and departure frequency of “little yang “will be growing higher and busy after a person reaches old age and approaching death. (One reason older people can often bizarre dream events.) Or between a little yang is no longer harmony with the body’s yin. (In layman terms is called yin-yang is not balanced). Where the condition of the body looks frail, sickly, or like shake his soul are small signs that yang is in conflict with yin (body).

Thus this condition persist until the yin body can not be used anymore or the conflict has reached the top, then a little forced to split up to leave the yin body back to the white segment in tai-ji. But as long as people are still alive, caught up in the seven emotions and six desires of lust, love and greed for material pleasures in the world, so the little yang while away will loads heavier. Burden of feeling, curious, and all attachments, including knowledge, understanding in the world to make a small weight gain weight so he could not away far from the border of yin-yang in tai-ji. But wandering around there, waiting for their chance to a new yin body to be attaches again. And the desired yin body target is helpless cause it is guide by the recorded memory,  a “soul mate” which is linked to a chain of events sets from the pedestal before.

If you ask me when he could be born again, then the answer is simple, as we ask did you know when our couples come? what kind of dating or when we got married in this life, was the same problem. This rule is in legal mate matter , there are a lot of variable factors come into play in determining.

Thus Yin and yang continued spinning around in circles of life and death. People were born and died. Born again and dies again, reincarnation up to trillions of years. Until one day it realizes this reality. get a good mentor, a clear understanding of nature’s secrets. right meditation. There are just new opportunities to broke the chain of shackle, then break away from tai-ji soul.

Scientists long had been proved properties of the material. Any substance that is able to vibrate at the frequency of the light speed,  then it will no longer be affected again by the “time”. In other words, if someone could achieve that ability, he would be able to go beyond the line of life and death. He entered into a free zone time. No longer born, grow or die.

However, even a “small yang” in the yin-body, which is non-material were still considered be heavy weight cause some one to sink reborn in the world, it is clear that the side”yang” of a gay, is still a very heavy compared to the light as a condition of a substance that barely weighted to achieve the speed of light propagation.

In fact, every one actually becoming increasingly heavier weights for their”small yang” by effect of hoarding his memory from time to time, so slowly toward the abyss can not withdraw. “And finally that little-yang will change the status itself be yin as contaminated by yin material world. Part of the black segment of the half circle in tai-ji.

This all because started from”ignorance”, continues with greed, envious and hate, as well as the curious. Making a man drowning in illusion, so they no longer recognize “own”, but rather fall into the phenomenon of imitation. Repeat and repeat again without ending. mind attachment  turns into a bond to the small yang to be impurity in it. lead yang  getting weights tough and tougher.

Human individual is determined only by stating his promise to the universe, pleaded exemption, “me” just then can hear and recognize, note our pure desire to open its liberation towards. Little by little erase its memory, cleaned up layer by layer, up to tens or even hundreds or thousands of years, without adding more “dirt” attached, then the region could be heading back to white. …. the real house where the “me” come from .

Memory or inner layer of dirt is also called karma in a terms of belief. In process of release these impurity is very miserable and sick. Such a person should have feel his heart to let go of beloved, possessions, wealth, position or possession of the material in the world, also including science, ideology, understood, religion, including understanding the yin-yang analyze here, all is possible as a guide but at the same time without realizing it,It will also be a burden if someone later became attached to it. Emptying is thoroughly cleaning process, but if the weight to a contrary opinion is more dangerous because of his clinging more real. Causation to be born, which is the initial seed to make someone go to extreme. (ultra Attachment). Understanding everything that could bring a small (me) got enlightenment in order to be truly free, is nothing but serve as “an introduction”, is not a label to be affixed. Once we find a “small yang” (I myself), then it is no longer necessary introduction.

( So Tao tell you “WU WEI” (nothing, empty) you doing anything without stay any memory. cause you don’t to be binding by your thought.)

Release will make a little-yang more light and make someone’s life more happy. life will like a kid but clever. fully arrange your life without worry, sorrow and sadness.

In accordance with the provisions of the yin-yang theory, some one needs to improve the quality of “yang“, not by mean increasing energy of “yang“. the two concepts are different. This is in accordance with the methods of chi-gong exercises, meditation, and lifestyle that run by the “wise” person.

To elevate the quality, then do not get too much attached to the secular (yin). Exceeded the threshold of secular (yin) into wise regional, is very clear decryption above sentence of update “yang quality”.

Rolling in the secular world “yin“, only will make the “yang‘s”quality of a person slowly sank and drowned. Voluntarily disqualify itself for the dilapidated, eventually became a part of the yin. Because the “intent” approach to the “yin” which is material, after someone dies, the small yang will orientate itself “me” to dive to the lower level of the hierarchy. Due to unfavorable quality of “yang” is easily attracted by the “yin” which has heavy weight. Life will be difficult because of the low quality “Yang” is not able to drive large and heavy “yin“material. (Desire and demand a lot but not able to be met or served) So the next birth would be vulgar even contemptible; many destitute and sick.

Thus, human are day by day, year by years fall down into deep not return (home) way”.

It is  yin-yang relative law, not written by me alone

By AK.Chandra.



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