A&Q of 5 Elemen

Few frequently asked questions about the science of five elements
1 What is 情” qing ” ?
情( qing ) refers to the nature of relationship between 5 elements of the heavenly trunk in discrete with  the other elements . Because each element has it’s each different properties , then the heavenly trunk will be among the stem there are indications of differences in level of relations , close relations was categorized 有情( Yǒuqíng ) ( have tolerance ) , while the estrangement relationship was categorized as no tolerance.无情( Wuqing )
2  Was Yang meet yin it definitely as a sense of 有情( Yǒuqíng ) ( have tolerance ) ?
No! Yin and yang only reference that is used to identify the relative nature of the 5 elements heavenly trunk , if the rod is no tolerance sky classified or not , was not determined by the yin-yang . but is determined by the 5 elements of the individual between the rods sky whether they are in a group or not . Which are in one group will be tolerant , while those outside the group is no tolerance.

Take an example that you with a stranger , you know him or not , you are no interest to him , there is no reason say hate or love , there are no good or bad effect though you were in one same place , then such a relationship said there is no tolerance. While there are other individuals who have a mutual interest with you , Regardless as colleagues or enemies , near or far , familiar or not , the relationship between you and him/her said there are tolerance. This illustration should be understood , that the nature do not knows good or bad  which set by humans rules . so the meaning of ” tolerance ” is not the standard of humanity as we know it in the humanist world . but it was the terminology in Ba – zi science to explain the status of heavenly trunk. So there is tolerance or not was irrespective from yin-yang , but from close or Loosening of a relation

3     How to distinguish the heavenly trunk are in a group or outside of group ?  is this mean group based on the group pro cons with me as being in the variable star system ?


No, this is not a group commonly known as a variable star , ( I / master , property , etc. ) as taught in the book ba – zi in general .. the answer to this question is included in the content of the lessons laid out in ” Ba – zi regular science ” . you have follow the course of this lesson in particular . This forum is just for a general answer only  . “

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