Cats paradise [1]

Cats paradise [1]

Author : Émile Zola . translet  from chinese to english by : AK.Chandra.

I got Angora cats originated from Ankara (Turkish). Inherited from my aunt. I have never seen an animal so stupid like this cat. look, this is what it was told about it.

On a winter night, it sat down at a warm stove side and talked: 


At that time I was two years old, and I was a very fat cat and arrogant that they never see. At a young age was a kid and that’s it, I’ve affectation. Thinks the warm life is that should be hated by us as a group of animals. But thanks god and the sky turns me  placed under your aunt hands! This kindly mistress was very fond me. Under the bottom of a closet, she set up a real bedroom. The pillows are made of fur, three layers blanket. Foods also symmetrical to the bed. Never given bread, or given soup, which given is entirely meat, meat is also good, cooked half mature, there is still blood.

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Well! In the midst of warm’s life, I only had a wish, just one dream: that is slipping out of the opening window. Out onto the roof of the house to jump and jump. Caress of your aunt has made me annoyed, tenderness mattress also has kept me from boredom to disgust, my body has grown increasingly obese, could be made sickly. So i bored and upset all day, want to get a little excitement.

I should tell you, if I could have extended neck again, then I will be able to see the roof of the house opposite which is only separated by a window. On that day, there were happened four cats wrestling with each other, straightening tail nd feathers swooping upwards. rolling on blue concrete blocks. dryied under the big sun. Play betting with encouraging curse. I have never seen such a touching spectacle. Since that, my confidence began to staunch, I know true happiness, is above the roof. On back side of the tightly closed window. I also have my own proof: The sealed door of the closet, behind the door while it was meat hidden by them.

Then I began to prepare a plan to escape. In a lifetime, beside that undercooked meat with a little blood, of course there should be something else still exist.This another thing is “unknown”, ie ideals.

In One morning, they forgot close the kitchen window,  I use this opportunity gap, I jump out of the window. So jumped out exactly be falling on the roof of a small house.


Ah! On the roof of this house is so so beautiful! Around the roof encircled by water gutters. There is a sweet scent that emanates outta the gutter. I browse the guttering with relief, my feet touched the mud of guttering bottom . Warm, wet, and the softness of the mud really can not be described, like walking on velvet carpet. The weather was also good. The hot sun dry up to melt my body fat.

To be honest I would say, in my excitement, mixed together with a lot of panic. One thing that I still remember very clearly, is that when nervous, my four legs were shaking. legs can not stand steadily, as tends to be fall down from the roof of the house to the floor.Apparently there are three cats on the others roofs, rolled over and coming towards me,violent and yelling  loud. I was surprised almost pass out, they would regard me as an ignorant buffoon. I said they shouted loudly, apparently just joking. So furthermore I also blend together with them to screaming. This kinds of Shouts really fun!

They actually are not as fat as me. I was walking not careful step, scald on the hot sun edge of the bronzed gutter, instantly my body upside down like a ball rolling. then me used as a joke invited them laugh for a moment.

In the middle of them there was an old male cat, very kind to me. He is willing to guide me, of course I am also happy to accept it and thanked him.Oh! Now I have a life away from your aunt’s warm and soft! If I want to drink, then only drink water from the gutters. that delicious taste is can not counter with suger added milk. I find it all very well, everything is beautiful.


Did not feel there was already walking an hour, my stomach was very hungry. I asked my friend, the great male cat:[ On the roof of the house, what we eat? ] [what we get after seek then what we eat.] it said with attitute of a scholar. This kind of language answer had troubling me. I struggled to find food, but still nothing was found. Later just look in a rundown house, there was a young woman worker, were serving lunch. On a table near the window, put a piece of good quality rib meat, bright red color,perfectly fit with my tastes. look! which is suitable. I think with stupid.

So I jumped into the top of the table, grabbed the piece of rib meat. Apparently look by  the woman worker. she immediately took a broom, handle it hit heavily against the back of my neck. I immediately let go of meat and blurred, while sounded “ngeong”  cursed her.

[Do you go out of our village? ] Old tomcat said, [the meat on the table, is reserved for far people eat, you want to look for, should look for around the downpipes.] I never understood why meat in kitchen not for cats eat. Currently my belly, really can not compromise and make difficult for me, while old tomcat was extremely frustrating for me. it said: [We have to wait till the evening. At night, we can get down from the roof of the house, to roadside bins to search for edible food. Wait till night! ] He said coldly, like a hard-hearted philosopher, while I, I just think I have to starve for a very long time, until my body can not take anymore and started to feel dizzy




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