There is a crazy drink guy, his life is always in a state of semi-conscious and half drunk, he was also very miserly.

One day, he went out, invited to drink, but the wine cool, then he asked the waiter warmed first. At the same time, some one come to him wants to borrow money for treatment, he immediately refused. turn there was a sellers offering wine, he dont think anymore, immediately purchased a bottle. as forgetting bring money, he told to seller for take the money at his home. Do not know how it happened, after a bottle of wine in his hand could fall apart.  bottle was  broken and the wine Spilled on the floor. For failing to drink, he very upset and just want to get angry, suddenly he awoke. apparently just a dream. He was very regret, “If know so, let me sip the wine cool too. Those who want to borrow money I just spend times are also never mind, how ever it was just a dream only, I don’t loss any real money, people have to do better too occasionally, ” he muttered to himself. wxp (41)

Shortly thereafter, someone came to collect the drinks debt. He curse: “when I owe 10 bottles of beer?” wine seller explained, but he remained adamant no debt, eventually evolved into fights. He was furious, took a knife to kill the guy untill death. authorities came arrest, he was taken to court. After seeing the evidence and hear the facts on the ground of the witnesses, the judge can not accept the reason that the accused as drunk so accidentally killing people. Deciding sentenced to death.”Ah, this is not fair, he said.” but he still have to accept the court’s decision.

Before the execution, the judge asked was there his last request. He said he just wanted to drink wine.

“let me drunk” he said to himself. ” better getting more drunk. so not be regret after awake. Who know I’m dreaming, even if it is truth, let see later how. In this life or the hereafter world if i can still drink, everywhere is just the same. Hahaha….” Having given a drink, he is very satisfied, during the journey he was taken to place cut off, he kept smiling. do not feel guilty at all.

He underwent dismembered and dead law.

This time he is really dead. not dream. After set down his body, wine spills out from the edge of his mouth. 

His death, making many people think. for people who are conscious, their self introspective was becoming increasingly . the oppositely, men who drunk like him, was so obsessed more crazy, some people even worship him as a hero.

Birth, old, sick, suffering, failure and success are common. Actually the world is empty. Any ideas, concepts that appear are nothing but illusory product of the human mind him self. build a picture / portrait according to each his thought, when reality break the illusion of the image, all the neon lights extinguished, the room went dark and silent around. Any kind of material  in nature will return to the ground. people do not have anything, that there is only a remnant of concentrate curious mind separate from the body that resembles as “gas” wandering in the afterlife. known as “disembodied spirit”.

Drinking did not feel drunk every day.

Bloodied hands not touch the hearts.

life or death like sleep during the day,

Semi-conscious half-drunk does not know himself.

Intentions do not want to get drunk but feel hurt,

Endless somersaults in the wheel reincarnation,

Fair and prosecute drunk in obsession.

Author: AK .Chandra.  moo-ci.com


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